Apple iPod shuffle

The smallest member of the iPod family of portable media devices is the iPod Shuffle, it offers 2GB of solid state memory meaning no moving parts and capable of storing over 500 songs.

The shuffle can fit anywhere - even clipped to a lapel or shirt sleeve - and deliver quality music. Tracks can be skipped to and found using the forward and reverse keys or let the shuffle do what it was designed to do and create a random playlist of your music to keep your ears happy.

With over 12 hours of battery life and controls so simple a baby could use it the iPod Shuffle is nothing short of a mini materpiece.


iPod shuffle pays respect to its bigger siblings with a circular control pad that puts the “go” in ergonomic.
Click the centre button to play and pause. Click the outer buttons to move back, skip forward and adjust volume.

Shuffle switch

Embrace your inner rebel: flip the shuffle switch to mix up iPod shuffle’s contents.
Flip it again to play your handpicked playlists and albums in the order you synced them from iTunes

Headphone jack

The headphone jack does double-duty as a dock connector. Flip iPod shuffle upside-down and drop it into the included dock.
Connect the dock to your Mac or PC for a quick sync and charge. Away from your computer?
Charge on the go with an optional USB adaptor.

Battery indicator

Green means go, amber means you’re low and red means you’ve almost hit zero.
But with up to 12 hours of battery life, iPod shuffle may keep rocking even longer than you do.