The iPod Touch - Generation 2

The iPod Touch - also known as the iTouch - is Apples latest in the iPod family of portable MP3 players and packs a host of incredible features as well as a huge touch sensitive display offering incredibly crisp picture quality.

The iPod Touch features an accelerometer which will rotate the contents of what is displayed so that you can benefit from seeing the full width of a picture or web page. 3D graphics on the iPod Touch are incredible and make it a mean portable gaming machine. When playing games you can even use the iPod Touch to control your characters movement or use it as if you were using a steering wheel in a driving game.

8gb ipod touch

16gb ipod touch

32gb ipod touch

You can flip through your album artwork with a finger and select songs with ease or let the Genius Playlist feature decide which songs fit perfectly together. You can even buy songs from the iTunes online store from anywhere with a wireless connection and with it's built in speaker you can let others listen too.

The iPod Touch comes in three sizes: 8GB, 16GB and 32GB
It's storage is solid state meaning your music will never skip or be prone to bumps and knocks.
Depending on compression
1 hour of video will take roughly 1GB so on an 8GB iTouch MP3 player you could store approximately 10 hours of video or 2000 songs, or a combination of the two.

Surf the web and send email while walking down the street.
Get directions, check the weather, follow stocks, and more.
With Wi-Fi, the Internet goes wherever you go..